Barman on wheels

Fun goes private

For unconventional people.

With us you can tell your story in an original way

In your location

To create a unique event and give life to something Unforgettable to excite


Engage and leave an indelible mark in the memory of the participants


Twist has selected fantastic locations for you with all the services you may need (music, food, aperitif) in the Tuscan countryside but also indoors.
Also perfect environments for dancing or conferences … ample parking. With Ape-cocktail or classic bar.

Personalized service tailored to you

Also available for rental

We try to always offer an original service based on the requests and customizations requested

Being iconic is a priority

Combining vintage charm with modern functionality, our Ape is fully equipped to serve exquisite cocktails and offer a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Our strength is mobility

Our Cocktail Truck can easily be set up in various locations at the same event, making it a versatile and convenient choice for different types of events.

Weddings and ceremonies

Imagine hosting a wedding that leaves your guests raving about the experience for years to come.

With the Ape Cocktail we turn that dream into reality by offering a unique and unforgettable mobile bar experience.


Let’s party?

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a delicious and refreshing experience as we unveil our latest adventure – the Cocktail Truck! Imagine a mobile bar like no other, where we bring the best cocktails right to your door.


L’ esperienza con Twist è stata favolosa, esageratamente disponibile, molto simpatico e professionale, ci ha proposto dei cocktail buonissimi, è passato da cose classiche a particolari, mantenendo sempre una qualità eccellente, insieme ai drink abbiamo mangiato ottimi entremêt serviti su piatti impeccabili, che dire di più? La consiglio a tutti un esperienza diversa e molto gradevole per festeggiare o semplicemnte per ritrovarsi e passare una serata diversa

Rebecca, Link

Aperitivo, stuzzicare e divertirsi è ciò che propone twistarezzo . Lo consiglio a tutti coloro che desiderano una serata diversa , con qualità e giusta spesa.

Niccolò, Vroom

Complimenti alla professionalità, all’organizzazione , e alla puntualità di Andrea … Ed ai suoi eccellenti cocktail ! Un servizio eccezionale per rendere speciale qualunque serata ! Da provare !!!

Marta, Link

Evento di lavoro, tutto perfetto e professionale 10 e lode

Maurizio, Link

A company founded on the pleasure of having fun

With 28 years serving international clients in five star facilities

Meet us to talk about your idea.

Personalization for weddings and parties:

We understand that every event is unique which is why we offer customizable packages to meet your specific needs. From personalized cocktail menus to themed decorations, our team will work closely with you to create a perfect and unforgettable experience that aligns with your vision.

In the glass

We only use high-end products and we like to make you drink well. Spirits, liqueurs, fresh fruit (no syrups) or purees.

Finger foods

We carefully select local producers as long as they are not industrial, except for dry snacks, olives and other small appetizers (always of excellent quality)

Our Ape

Our Ape Cocktail vehicle is much more than a mobile bar: it’s an immersive experience that adds a touch of magic to your event.


We mix your cocktails with wisdom and professionalism. Present in the book “Tuscany to drink” and other newspapers.

Our Packages


  • Prodotti standard
  • 1 Barman 20 € H
  • Servizio domicilio 50 €
  • € 6 / 7 Cocktail


  • Prodotti premium
  • 1 Barman 15 € H
  • Servizio domicilio 25 €
  • € 8 / 9 Cocktail

Ultra Premium

  • Prodotti Ultra Premium
  • 1 Barman 10 € H
  • Servizio domicilio 15 €
  • € 12 / 15 cocktail


  • 1 Barman
  • Da € 250 a 500

Contact us

For an easy and timely quote. This is the information we need:

Event: what are we celebrating?
Location: where do you want us to come?
Number: how many are you?
Food: Would you like food or just a small accompaniment.

348 0046467

Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Marangio: Ambitious executive with a proven track record of success in the hospitality industry over a 27-year progressive career.

Present in the Toscana da Bere guide/book as one of the best bartenders in Tuscany

I collaborated in drafting books for hotel management schools.

Recognized by many newspapers for my commitment to eco-sustainability at the bar.

Bacardi Martini contest winner
Head bartender in Five star hotel